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Archives of Midi Karaoke Players
  • A2 Media Player- (Rating: 4.4, Votes: 6) [Rate It]
    Add Lyrics+photo+video to CD Audio, MP3, Midi, Kar, Wave, VCD,MPEG, MPE, MPG, DAT & AVI Video. (Added: 18-Mar-2001, Hits: 866)
  • Blue Labelle JukeBoX V2- (Rating: 6.9, Votes: 5) [Rate It]
    Blue Labelle JukeBoX is a multimedia player for Windows 95/98 that allow to play sequentially most of audio & video files (MP3, MID, KAR, XM, IT, MOD, S3M, Audio CD, WAV, AVI...). One of the most interesting features of the program is the ability to make Karaoke with your computer... pictures jumping over syllables that you must sing ! New with this version : - improved MIDI Karaoke support. You can now mute, transpose, change velocity and instruments of one or several midi tracks. You can also change tempo ratio, enable automute of melody track, set wait delay between files... - improved Karaoke display. Pictures jumping over syllables to sing now moves smoothly, characters are bigger than before... and a lot of new option such as scrolling, latency or accuracy settings... and even a video capture window ! Display can also be set to maximize mode : without any toolbar. - improved MP3 and WMA Karaoke. This is a great new function ! You can now store the synchronization file inside the MP3 file : if the file is played by Blue Labelle JukeBoX, you'll be able to get REAL karaoke... and the file will still be played correctly by other players. ID3 Tag has been improved as well : you can insert larger informations in the files. - support for designs. You can make your own advanced design for Blue Labelle JukeBoX thanks to the Visual Designer included. It allows you to create designs very easily : uses transparency and drag & drop of your buttons. And there are a lot of new exciting functions... and add-ons to come soon : Conversion Studio (for MP3>>WAV ... WAV>>MP3 ... CD>>WAV ... CD>>MP3), a script to control Blue Labelle JukeBoX from mIRC or instructions to control it from your own application, or to make add-ons ! (Added: 15-Dec-1999, Hits: 3309)
  • (Rating: 6.5, Votes: 2) [Rate It]
    The ultimate site for online Karaoke. Get your FREE downloadable Karaoke player and the latest hits from all your favorite artists now! (Added: 1-Sep-2000, Hits: 1427)
  • Interkar- (Rating: 9.3, Votes: 5) [Rate It]
    More 1000 kar,st3 and midi files and software for your karaoke (Added: 26-Aug-2000, Hits: 1317)
  • KarAll - Free midi karaoke player- (Rating: 8.1, Votes: 10) [Rate It]
    Free software to play all MID KAR file that contains the lyric text in every format. Full functional (unlimited) Databases management. Programs, Controllers, Tempo, Key change. Mute, Solo, Melody On/Off, Turbo start, etc. (Added: 4-Feb-2000, Hits: 3875)
  • Karaoke GALAXY player 4.1- (Rating: 1, Votes: 1) [Rate It]
    This program allows you to listen to karaoke and midi files. Player supports skins. You can pick various ones on our site. Many of the options are available in menu or by functional keys. (Added: 12-Feb-2001, Hits: 330)
  • KaraWin- (Rating: 10, Votes: 3) [Rate It]
    KaraWin is a MIDI and MP3 player with Karaoke features and jukebox. It includes the editor of words (allows you to modify all text information of a midi or kar file), editor of midi instruments (allows you the modification of the instruments assigned by channel, the transposition and the velocity), management of the files and directories (copying/deleting the songs of a directory to another by drag and drop between the list of songs and the tree of directory), management of the Juke-box, the diaporama (possibility of making ravel images under the words). (Added: 23-Jan-2001, Hits: 948)
  • MIDIMaster Karaoke- (Rating: 9, Votes: 1) [Rate It]
    Record your MIDI karaoke performances with MIDIMaster Karaoke! This program lets you play, mix, and orchestrate both MIDI and Karaoke files, and even add a real-time echo to your vocals. Customize the music for your singing style by adjusting the tempo, key, instrumentation, and more. MIDIMaster Karaoke displays lyrics (when present) onscreen, and highlights each word in time so you can follow along. Record your vocals and share your talent today! Fully-functional 30-day trial version available at (Added: 26-Nov-2001, Hits: 0)
  • QMidi 1.0.1 FAT- (Rating: 10, Votes: 2) [Rate It]
    Shareware ($12) - System 7.0 - All Macs QMidi a MIDI/Karaoke player for the Macintosh. It can play all kinds of MIDI files, in any order, using either the Mac OS QuickTime instruments, Opcode OMS (now USB compatible) or serial port interface. QMidi also incorporates a GS MIDI mixer. It has a complete online documentation you can access selecting the "About QMidi" item in the apple menu. It is fully compatible with MacOS 9.
    • Supports Midi format 0 and 1.
    • Supports Karaoke format 0 and 1.
    • Pitch transpose, Chord transpose.
    • Unlimited number of play lists.
    • Up to 16000 files per play List.
    • Start from first note.
    • Chase events.
    • Chain play, loop, repeat all. 
    • MIDI mixer, GS effects.
    • Works with QuickTime 2.5 or newer, OMS or serial port.
    • Full Drag & Drop support.
    New in release 1.01:
      (Added: 10-Jul-2000, Hits: 436)
    • Sarce Karaoke Studio 2000- (Rating: 6.3, Votes: 5) [Rate It]
      Karaoke Studio 2000 is a Karaoke Suite that lets you play every kind of karaoke file. You can do Karaoke competition between different player: your voice is sampled and analyzed and you will receive in realtime a score that tells you how tuned you are and how you are able to follow the music tempo! You can also record your performance (and then record your own CD!). (Added: 19-Jan-2001, Hits: 886)
    • vanBasco's Karaoke Player- (Rating: 9.4, Votes: 7) [Rate It]
      vanBasco's Karaoke Player is a freeware product that plays Karaoke (.kar) and standard MIDI (.mid, .midi, .rmi) files. It has a fully customizable Karaoke Window where you can change fonts and colors, number of lines (up to four) and background image; also lyrics can be displayed in a resizable window or full-screen. The player lets you change tempo, volume, and key. Changes can be saved to the playlist so that they are remembered in the future. You can mute or play solo individual (i.e., arbitrary) selections of instruments. There is a real-time MIDI output view of notes, volumes, and instruments; also a piano window where notes are displayed on a big piano keyboard. The player has an easy-to-use intuitive graphical user-interface with skin support and, if desired, integrates with Netscape and Microsoft web-browsers. Finally, complete install & uninstall support makes setup of this software straightforward even for novices. (Added: 11-May-2001, Hits: 73)
    • WinKaraoke Creator - FREE- Review (Rating: 3.6, Votes: 3) [Rate It]
      WinKaraoke Creator is a MIDI karaoke editor and creation utility for Windows 95. It saves fully compatible Type 1 Soft Karaoke files. The editor offers: Staff notation for representing MIDI data, Complete track listings, Ability to add lyrics anywhere, in file, Auto-jump to next note for easy synchronization. (Added: 19-Mar-1999, Hits: 2316)
    • WinKaraoke Player - FREE- Review (Rating: 7, Votes: 1) [Rate It]
      WinKaraoke Player is a MIDI karaoke player for Windows 95. It supports all MIDI synthesizers through the Windows MIDI Mapper. In addition, you can customize the display of lyrics including: The use of any Windows TrueType font An animated bouncing ball Customizable colors Customizable background bitmap WinKaraoke Player and Creator are now Postcard-ware. (Added: 19-Mar-1999, Hits: 2684)
    • YAKS - Yet Another Karaoke System- (Rating: 6.5, Votes: 2) [Rate It]
      it's an easy to use player with database and songbook featues - displays lyrics in pagemode (better for drunken artists :-) - generates reports of all your karaokefiles, ordered by name,artist of language - copies songtext to the clipboard for printouts with your favorite textprocessor - Beerware, registration fee is only a crate of beer :-) (Added: 26-Mar-1999, Hits: 1388)

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